Wanderlist updated!

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I have updated my wanderlist/my life goals/things I want to do before I die/bucketlist.

To view my previous list which was a bit of a baby list click here

Feel free to leave your's :)

♥ Travel around most of the USA
♥ See the Pyramids
♥ Visit Japan in their cherry blossom season
♥ See the Northern Lights
♥ Have a pug called Einstein
♥ Learn Hello in as many languages as possible
♥ Atlantic Cruise
♥ Inca Trail in Peru
♥ Visit the pyramids in Egypt
♥ Visit great wall of China
♥ Visit Washington DC in cherry blossom season
♥ Eat the best ribs and burger
♥ Fly in a balloon
♥ Swim with dolphins
♥ Swim with fish - bit of a fish phobia
Ride an elephant
♥ Visit the Taj Mahal in India
Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Visit the Vatican City in Rome
Get married
♥ Have children
♥ Have another beetle
♥ Skydive
♥ Visit the Niagra Falls
♥ Visit Harry Potter Theme park lol
♥ Visit the Grand Canyon
♥ Learn to play the piano
♥ Learn to Knit
♥ Learn another language
♥ Have my work published


  1. A lot of those things are on my list too! You should visit the devil's pool at Victoria falls as well, that's one of my big ones


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