UPDATE OF 101 IN 1001

A couple of months ago I wrote a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days please click here to see the original post.
I thought it was time for a little update on what I have managed to check off my list.

1. Design a website for my business
2. Set up a personal blog
3. Get my disc's professionaly printed
4. Finalise on my packaging
5. Get published in a magazine
6. Get some well known photographers follow me on Twitter
7. Purchase the 35mm lens
8. Purchase the 85mm lens
9. Buy a better back up body camera
10. Have our first Christmas alone
11. Get our dogs
12. Work for myself
13. 20 weddings booked
14. Use Folio for a wedding album
15. Make office space
16. Get some of my work printed
17. Skype clients
18. Decide on packages and prices
19. Get 600 likes on Facebook
20. Get 500 followers on Twitter
21. Book clients I want
22. Finish a 365 project
23. Shoot a styled bridal shoot
24. Attend more photographer get togethers
25. Sort out our drive way
26. Get the kitchen and extension sorted
27. Learn to take a self portrait properly
28. Loose a stone in weight
29. Learn to bake (probably won't help with the one above)
30. Learn to crochet
31. Have a close group of photographer friends
32. Take photos of more personal moments
33. Ask a wedding couple to pose out of my comfort zone.
34. Work with a great photographer
35. Learn to use photoshop to it's full potential
36. Get a better laptop or desktop PC
37. Get an iphone 
38. Sell my car
39. Get brochures printed for future clients
40. Remember to take time off
41. Spend more time with friends
42. Leave my full time job
43. Scrapbook more
44. Carry a camera in my bag for a full month
45. Run 3 times a week - just started doing this :)
46. Shoot a wedding abroad
47. Get an assistant or intern
48. Advertise on a wedding blog
49. Get a booking to shoot something other than people
50. Learn to use my flash properly
51. Buy an off camera flash
52. Get my USA tattoo
53. Offer my clients something unique
54. Run a competition for wedding photography
55. Have my photo taken by a photographer I love
56. Be organised with the paperwork side of things
57. Organise more engagement shoots
58. Teach my husband to shoot
59. Purchase Alien Skins
60. Exhibit at a vintage fair
61. Get some testimonials from my couples
62. Shoot a wedding in the snow
63. Inspire someone  Thanks to Alex Beadon <3
64. Be a tourist in NYC
65. Collect a postcard from every state I visit
66. Take a photography workshop
67. Get client viewing on on my blog
68. Edit my blog to make it look more professional
69. Make more friends in the blogging world
70. Take a trip with friends
71. Swap to Canon or purchase the D700
72. Get new business cards printed
73. Buy myself a good printer
74. Get stickers for business printed
75. Blog a wedding once a week
76 Blog at least 3 times a week
77. Draw up a business plan
78. Sort out personal photos in to albums
79. Get a camera bag
80. Use my instax with my wedding photography
81. Shoot a family shoot in film
82. Organise an event
83. Give something to clients for free in their package as a surprise
84. Have date nights once every 2 weeks
85. Promote more first look weddings
86. Nail family group shots
87. Find my own style
88. Use my UV filter more
89. Second shoot with a great photographer
90. Create a work flow chart to get organised
91. Style a baby shoot
92. Shoot my baby nephew more
93. Learn how to change a nappy
94. Hang out with a photographer idol of mine
95. Have regular massages
96. Get my hair cut professionaly
97. Get my work on Rock My Wedding
98. Get my work on Green Wedding Shoes
99. Shoot a fashion shoot
100. Drink more fluids
101. Interior design my new house

How is everyone else getting on that has made a list ?? I'd love to know :)


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