The time has come for me to say goodbye but before I do I wanted to let you know of various ways of staying in touch and keeping up to date with my travels. As you all know by now (I go on about it enough) I am leaving the UK for 3 months with my huband to travel the states. I will not be working for this time so this blog will not be updated..boo! It will also be a nice break though so, yay!

Here are the ways to keep up to date apart from my facebook and my twitter.

1. I have a personal blog, I will be updating this as much as possible but please don't expect beautifully edited images until I am back from my trip :) but there will be plenty of photos on there.

2. Instagram, I have a little addiction to Instagram, okay I lie...a BIG addiction to Instagram.

3. I have a tumblr account full of prettyness.

I hope you guys keep on eye on what we are up to and I will see you when I get back. xx


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