Heres to 2014, a 2013 round up! Personal and work.

So 2013....where to start with you.....

I lost my husband, my dog, my home & most of my friend circle.

I gained a new boyfriend, a great relationship with my family, some passport stamps, my niece was born
and some amazing new people in my life.

At the start of this year my husband left me, took our dog and moved in with another woman and her kids. I'm not going to lie and pretend I wasn't crushed, it seriously took me ages...i mean months and months and hundreds and thousands of tears to start to feel human again. I felt like part of me was missing and i had no idea how to start over again, let alone face the weddings and the happy couples i had booked in. I threw myself into meeting my clients and pushing myself to shoot some of the best photos i personally think i have ever taken. It was such a challenge and i feel blessed that i was able to pull myself out of my "funk" and feel happy for others when i really wanted to curl up under my duvet and the ground to swallow me whole.

I decided to concentrate a little more on myself and quit my full time job in the property sector to travel for a while. I spent a month in Thailand travelling with a friend. I spent a couple of weeks in Egypt with my boyfriend & travelled to Barcelona with my mum. I actually counted that i had taken 14 flights in 2013 which is crazy!

2013 you were a testing year but thank you for making me a stronger person and pushing my creative boundaries. So here's to 2014, hopefully you will bring me a new location to live in, amazing new clients, maybe a few old clients and a bloody good time!



  1. You may have had a testing 2013 but you made ours one to remember. Thank you again for the amazing photos of our wedding. May 2014 be even better Kate x

    1. Thanks Kate! Hope 2014 is wonderful for you :)


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