Joel and Sarah's engagement shoot

I met Joel and Sarah in a little village in Kent called Yalding, They are both from Canada and have decided to get married in England. Whilst they are over here sorting out some last minute bits and pieces we met up and had a laid back engagement shoot. We had a walk around Yalding and then went to Leeds Castle for some more shots. I will be photographing their wedding in a couple of months at Cooling Castle and I can't wait! They also have the best accents.


  1. Love the 6th one down Amy, good job! Looks like they enjoyed it too! Love your processing :)

  2. I love that they're wearing Canadian beanies :D Gorgeous shoot lady! So glad to have come across your blog xo

  3. I love how you switched back and forth with the color tones. You did a good job Amy :)


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