My wedding flowers

My wedding flowers are pretty much dead now but I still can't bare to throw them away.... We got married back in September and they are still sitting in a vase on our book case. 


  1. Mine are dead too, and sitting in a mug on the side...but they are a bit bashed because I tossed it, but the lady who caught it insisted on me taking it back. I'm not sure what to do with them.

    We are nearly at our six month anniversary mark - what happened there?? x

  2. I've just gone past the 4 month, time flies!! I threw my flower girls woopss! x

  3. I can't bring myself to throw away flowers either. These are should print and frame a picture of them. I think it would look nice hanging from a wall in your house :)

  4. they are so pretty even now, why not press them?


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