Plans for this year and the start of next....

I thought I would let everyone know of my plans for this year and a little of next....

My husband and I will hopefully be buying our first home together this year, I am looking forward to having our own space, being able to decorate to our own style and also starting a proper life together :)

I also have loads of wonderful weddings, portrait sessions, boudoir shoots booked which I am so excited about. I can't wait to meet everyone.

Whilst working full time and doing my photography on the side we are currently planning a three month trip to USA. We are planning to leave in April 2012 and I can't wait. The places we are visiting are Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Niagara Falls, Cleveland, Chicago, Route 66, Memphis, LA, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Rapid City, Sand Point and Seattle. If anyone live's there or has visited and would like to give us an idea of things to do and see I would be really grateful!!


  1. Your three months trip through America sounds very good. This is a dream for me.

  2. Your trip sounds excellent - my mum and I are planning to be in the US for about twenty days around the same time (March/April). Wanting to be realistic about how much money we think we can save we decided to limit ourselves to the West Coast (San Fran, LA, Portland, Seattle and all bits in between) but I'm sure I'll be able to venture to other parts in the future. Even though it is so far off in the future I just felt excited about you documenting your travels on here, ha.

    Extra exciting about the new house buying as well!


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