30 days of lists...

{{This post is always being updated so that I do not have hundreds of lists on here.}}

As well as this blog being for my photography business I also follow a lot of other bloggers that are not just to do with photography. I've recently come across 30 days of lists I think this is a great idea and if you pop over to the blog it is all explained. I am a little late in starting but what the heck. :) 

List 1.  A few things about yourself. 

Wife, sister, daughter, friend, reader, photographer, blogger, planner, traveler, fiery, loud, adventurous, dreamer, thinker. 

List 2. A few things your good at:

Reading, putting my foot in it, being on time, organizing, being a wife (i think), taking photo's, using eyeliner, styling. 

List 3. A few things you are looking forward to:

First wedding this month, boudoir shoot tomorrow, spring, my hands feeling warm, USA 2012, spending time with my husband, my shoes arriving, roadtriproadtriproadtrip.

List 4.  A few things you are listening to (playlist):

Unfortunately being at work today and not being allowed a radio my current playlist is on ...nothing.

List 5. A few goals for the weekend (bit late woops):

So I did not read this list until Monday morning but because I was working over the weekend I had a few goals anyway. Be happy with my boudoir shoot, Spend time with my husband, Wish my sister in law a happy birthday, get some photo's printed for a client.

List 5. A words you do not like and a few you do:

Dislike - Cancer, Hun, Moist, Vulgar                       Like - Packet, Patience, Penguin, Sausage lol.
List 6. What goals do you have for the weekend:

I didn't read this one til Monday so there is no point in me doing it ;)

List 7. A few goals for your blog:

To make some new blog friends, to produce some more business from using my blog, and to get my stat's double to what they are at the moment. 

List 8. Whats in my bag:

Now if I was to take a photo of everything in my bag it would seriously take me a long time so if I just write it, it will be much easier. 
Diary, two films, old Polaroid film casing, purse, receipts, make up, one glove, body spray, keys, scissors, plasters, marriage certificate lol, gum, lip balm, hair bands, list of shots I needed to take this weekend.

List 9. A few of your favourite blogs and websites:

Pinterest - I am complelty obsessed with this site, so many pretty things to pin. 
You and your wedding - Yes I still visit even though I am married.
Emma Case Photography - My favourite photographer - ever!
Rock n Roll Bride - Basically she is a legend. 
Rockstar diaries - I want their life and their dog, Kingsley. 
Mr and Mrs Globetrot - Such pretty photo's of their big trip.
Sending Postcards - Again, such good photo's of their trip, especially the New York ones. 

List 10. My wish list:

Nikon 85mm 1.4, Kelly Moore bag, A funky wedding to photograph, Black Tom's, Travel planner, yummy wide angle lens, new wardrobe of clothes & a Volvo...not much to ask for really?!


  1. yuck! moist is totally the worst word EVER!

    Thanks for the links. Those last two sites are weirdly similar. I wonder who copied who.

  2. Its just the worst word ever isnt it!


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