30 days of lists...continued...

List 11 - Date nights with husband, friends & myself. 
Glee nights, Movie nights, Beach walking, Eating out and Editing & Hollyoaks with myself. lol.

List 12 - A few weekly rituals.
Boring day job, blogging on here, taking photo's as part of my 365 project, watching Glee, Glory Daze & Friday night dinner. 

List 13 - A few DIY's to try.
Knitting, Redecorating by myself and getting around to doing my scrap booking which has taken a back seat since my photography has kicked off.  

List 14 - A few things I love about photography...
- I can make things and places look pretty
- I can capture a moment forever
- It can make people feel good about themselves
- Meet new people and friends
- I can work for myself which I love

List 15 - A few things in my shopping list.
Mothers day gift, Nephews birthday gift, healthy food for diet, photo frames, baby clothes & hair dye, I will get around to dying it at some point!!

List 16 - Places to see in my home town - Southampton, UK
I am really not a fan of where I live, so please excuse my rubbish suggestions...The Docks, Titanic Museum, We have an Ikea and The New Forest isn't too far away. 

List 17 - Words you have trouble spelling...
Coincidental, Definitely & Unfortunately

List 18 - Road trip must haves...
I have never been on a huge road trip, nothing longer than 3 hours and we just listened to the radio the whole way but we are planning a 3 month road trip (which you probably already know about) and this is what I am planning on taking with me...well hopefully!

Kindle, Iphone, Sunglasses, Snacks, Camera, Lens, Water & Good music..oh and my husband. 

images from Amazon, Vodafone, Priceinspector, Nikon

List 19 - Recipes to try...
I cannot cook so these are all pretty simple. Nutella pancakes, Chicken Bhuna curry, Make my own coleslaw and bake a cake from scratch. 

List 20 - Celebrity crushes (not so much crushes, just people I like)
Sandra Bullock, Robert Pattinson, Kate Hudson, Colin Firth and Zooey Deschanel :)

List 21 - Things to do this Spring ...
Shoot in the bluebells, Start running (maybe), Shoot some weddings & a big spring clean!

List 22 - Today I saw ........
A huge black crow, a sneak peak of Emma Cases' wedding - uber jealous, work colleagues, email confirmation of my upcoming holiday :)

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