Paloma Boudoir {{pretty lady}}

These are a few more photos that Paloma has given permission to be blogged, it is really difficult with what to blog especially when it comes to boudoir photography, but she is a great sport for letting me post these so a big thank you to her. 
I think she looks amazing!! This is the first time I have done a shoot and been completely happy with the results which is a big step for me and my business as I am so critical about my work. I hope Paloma and everyone likes them as much as I do!


  1. Amazing, love them, especially the first two... Paloma, you are beautiful x

    ps. also loving the new wallpaper on the blog Amy!

  2. Wow! How did you manage to get Kate Moss to pose for you....? :) just stunning photography and a beautiful model


  3. Thanks ladies :) tehee Hummo :)
    All merit goes to Amy, I have never done anything like this before and she made sure I was comfortable and it was actually quite fun!


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