Steve Gerrard photography course

I am so incredibly impatient when it comes to blogging, as you've probably realized I've only just blogged the sneak preview and I usually like to try and wait a couple of days before posting the real thing but I can not wait any longer!!!

I  signed myself up for Steve's photography course after a fellow photography friend of mine (Kerrie) told me to as she basically did not want to be a billy no mates. Anyway...I am so glad I did! I got so much out of the day and way more than I was expecting to. The models were great, so were the other photographers. Thanks again Steve for sharing your wisdom with us. I think I can say on the behalf of all of us... we had a really SPECIAL day! :)


  1. AWESOME Amy, every time I look at your work it just getting better and better. Love it. Dani xx


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