7 things about me

So I did a nice new header last night, looked really good on my laptop and have got to work and it's hardly legible! le sigh.

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7 Things about me.

1. I am constantly unsure of myself and my work.

2. I got married at the young age of 22 but I really don't care about peoples opinions on this.

3. I adore lomography and my Diana.

4. I love anything old.

5. My husband and I currently live with my parents as we are saving for our own house next year.

6. I am self taught in photography.

7. I dropped out of college and university. (Not really saying much for me, but I just didn't enjoy it)


  1. Plenty of people drop out of education. It doesn't mean anything other than it's just not for you.

    What's lomography?? x

  2. That's so smart of you to live with parents and save. I wish my husband and I would have done that when we still lived in the same town as them. Imagine a whole year or more of saving what would be rent money!!!


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