Weekend Lovin' Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays everyone! How's it been for you?

I was very spoilt, we spent Christmas day this year with my husbands family, this was the first time I have ever spent it away from my family and it was a nice change.

My favourite gift was my polaroid camera ♥
From left to right: me, my husband, my husband and our dog, my brother and his girlfriend.

I also took some photos of fooood. Pigs in blankets nom ♥ presents, Christmas socks, cartoon pj's, sleeping and concentration faces on the Wii!!!!

 peanut butter jelly - pretty disgusting! The Globe and the Camera's were for Christmas too!
My nephew got the best gift of all though, a puppy! Here's a picture of Wellard taken on my phone.

and why not an embarassing one of myself in my PJ's first thing in the morning!
scrap that, maybe il blur the picture ;)



  1. Love the photos of your camera stash (camera envy or what?!) and of the globe - great Christmas gifts xxx

  2. You lucky girl! Love those cameras you got for Christmas :)


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