Roma - Parte Uno!

Last year just before christmas we went to Paris and this year we decided to go somewhere to get us in the spirit. It has kind of turned in to a tradition for us and these traditions excite me because we are making them ourselves! So we picked Rome for this years christmas destination and it did not disappoint. We went stayed for 4 nights and got a pretty good deal with flights (Ryanair). We booked to stay at a B&B near The Vatican, when we arrived we were told that our hotel was being refurbished and that we were to stay in their sister hotel, which turned out to be a 4* hotel and was pretty nice. We did notice that the Romans and the Parisans like to carpet their walls which we found very odd.

We were like proper tourists and even had a tour on an open top bus, i decided it would be a good idea to wear heeled boots and ended up with burning feet for the rest of the holiday lol.

I will blog some more of our photo's soon, you will have probably realised a few of these images were taken with Andrews point and shoot camera! xx


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