After constantly reading Sending Postcard's blog which I adore, I have been thinking about my own wanderlist. Wanderlists are the same thing as bucket list's but less morbid. :)

♥ Travel around most of the USA
♥ See the Pyramids
♥ Visit Japan in their cherry blossom season
♥ See the Northern Lights
♥ Have a pug called Einstein
♥ Learn Hello in as many languages as possible
♥ Atlantic Cruise

I will continue to update as I think of more to add :) Feel free to let me know yours as well.


  1. Woah, I checked out their site and it's inspiring. Your first one is similar to mine, which is travel from LA to NY by car. (passing most states along the way.) I should write all of mine down like you, thanks for the idea and thank you for the comment on my blog. (:

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  3. The list is a nice idea, we'll take it and write down our wishes. Next year we start with Paris), Wales and Lake Garda.


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