Parte Quattro - ROMA

This is part four of our Roma holiday and the last part I promise. Over the long weekend I ate nearly a pizza a day, bad? I know! But they just tasted so good, nothing like the pizza we have here. My new favourite pizza toppings are - cheese and tomato, parma ham, egg, mushroom nom. nom.

On our last full day we managed to find our way to Piazza Navona, which is currently full of Christmas stalls and looked so festive. We noticed that a lot of stalls had witches for sale this an Italian tradition at Christmas does anyone know? Anyway I will stop blabbering on, hope you enjoyed all our photographs.

Click for Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 :)

Again some taken with a point and shoot camera so not great quality.

chubba cheeks :)

Being Silly :) Of course I couldnt resist an I love hoody!
 Turned out to be an assortment of photo's including some from the last day. Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Your photos of Paris and Roma are wonderful. We likeit, and your blog too, and come again.


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